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A new manufacturing unit is been set up in Noida to ramp up the production and meet the growing demand of our valued customers.

This would be the 3rd manufacturing unit of KEPL.

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Quality Policy

At KEPL, the following Key design parameters are considered in detail before manufacturing:


Quality in the end product starts from the marketing inputs through the stages of Electrical and Mechanical design, Fabrication, Pretreatment and Powder Coating, Shell Assembly, Inward Inspection of bought out components, Inspection & Testing, Packing, Documentation and Despatch. For each of these stages we have a checklist before the produce goes to the next stage. All these go to make our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). All important parameters are defined and strictly adhered to. Our customers are therefore guaranteed of defect-free solutions, that are reliable and long lasting.

We at KEPL consider protection of environment and nature beyond the legal obligation. Our prior aim is to minimize negative effect on environment through the improving our quality of products and activities. The Company takes environment concerns seriously and educates its employees accordingly. Our environment policy is governed by :

Reduce to usage of raw material and resources, power to minimize Green house gases.

Decrease wastage to minimum level and minimize negative effect on environment.

Forming goals and aims about environments and carrying out them.

Improving our environment activities continuously.

Improving responsibility of environment of our workers.

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