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We have the most comprehensive product line of ultrasonic humidifiers in the industry, we can meet any application requirement. Ultrasonic Humidifiers use 93% less electrical energy than electrode boilers or infrared humidifiers. Designed to meet pure humidity requirements at low temperatures, ultrasonic humidifiers reduce compressor costs by reducing air temperature.
Ultrasonic humidifiers use a rapidly oscillating diaphragm submerged in water to create a mist. This is dispersed into the air with a fan, as the mist has a very small droplet size that is readily absorbed by the air. Water is not heated and No heat is added to the conditioned space, but instead, a cooling effect that helps reduce compressor run time is achieved due to the ultrasonic adiabatic humidification process.

Benefits :

    UH series humidifiers have a lower operating cost than steam humidifiers. Comparatively to steam humidifiers, the UH series is estimated to save up to 90% in energy costs. Additionally, the mist cools the air slightly as it evaporates generating more potential savings.

    Hygiene is ensured with regular flush cycles to reduce bacterial growth in the water. The KEPL Ultrasonic Humidifier operates on pure reverse osmosis (RO) water, ensuring the water being introduced to the air is hygienic. Regular automatic flush and drain cycles prevent water from remaining in the humidifier long enough to stagnate.
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