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Medium Voltage Panels 11 KV

KEPL 11 KV VCB panels are available with Aluminium OR Copper bus bars. Designed in conformance with the highest in class with metallic partitions. High mechanical endurance of 10000 operations. The insulation level of 11 KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panel is rated at 28kV for 1 min. & lightning impulse withstand voltage of 75 kVp.

ABB Panels: Medium Panel Voltage 11kv | Bus DuctsABB Panels: Medium Panel Voltage 11kv | Bus Ducts


Control & Protection of Distribution network, Capacitor, Motor
Reference Standard
IEC 62271:200/IS:3427
Operational Voltage
Operational Current
630…3150 A
Short-circuit breaking current
16…31.5 KA
Rated duration of Short Circuit
3 sec
3 Phase/ 50 Hz
Insulation Level
28 kV rms/75kV Peak
Degree of Protection
4x, 5x, x2



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