L&T-Ti Panels

L&T Partnership license

L&T-Ti TTA PANELS as per IEC-61439-1&2

The new Ti range LV switchboards are design and verified with Aluminium and copper busbars, providing the perfect balance of cost-effectiveness, compactness and safety. Type-tested Ti switchboards are the perfect solution to optimize processes and contribute to long-term profitability.

Featuers :

  • Compliance with the latest IEC standard IEC 61439 1&2
  • Designed up to 5000 A
  • Stringent fault withstand capacity up to 80 kA for 1 sec
  • Double deck busbar system
  • Ingress Protection up to 1P54 and IP2x after opening door
  • Best in class insulation
  • Adequate space for cabling
  • Flexibility in busbar & cable entry


When dealing with electrical systems, there are no second chances. Ti is equipped with a range of safety features to safeguard your system as well as the people who operate it.


Design verified for Safety:

Ti is a design-verified assembly, in accordance with IEC 614391&2, assuring you of the highest levels of quality and safety, from design to assembly


Safer busbars:

Busbars in the Ti range have higher clearances than those prescribed by global switchboard standards (25 mm – Ph to Ph and 19 mm – Ph to N/Phto E), offering a superior level of safety.


No accidental contact:

A rotary knob ensures that an operator does not come in contact with live terminals or parts during maintenance.


Form of separation:

Compartmentalized design up to Form 4B as per IEC 61439-2.


Zero ‘stray-voltage’ doors and panels:

It’s panel doors are designed to prevent accidental opening. We have also placed earthing contacts on every door and an Earth bar running the length of the switchboard, connected to structural members, These ensure that the outer surfaces do not have stray voltages, as this could harm an operator.


Enhanced ingress protection:

A Minimum ingress protection of IP2X is provided even with the doors open to ensure that an operator does not come in contact with live terminals or parts during maintenance.


Best-in-class insulation:

The Busbars in the Ti range are equipped with polyester glass supports for insulation. You also have the choice to install heat-shrunk PVC sleeves for extra protection.

L&T Ti Panels 01L&T Ti Panels 01
L&T Ti Panels 02L&T Ti Panels 02

Designed For Convenience:

The Ti range incorporates a number of features that help make installation and maintenance easy.

  • Wide Cable Alleys
  • Quick Release System for quick maintenance
  • Easy Access Doors-hinged doors that open up to
    an angle of 95°

Compactness Spells Cost-Effectiveness:

Ti offers flexibility and customization to suit your space requirements, ensuring that you maximize value on the space available to you.

  • Flexible busbar/cable entry position
  • Compact Feeder modules
  • Shared droppers
  • Flexible panel configurations
  • Double-front arrangement


Conformance to standards
IEC 61439-1 & 2
Rated Operational Voltage
415-690 VAC, 24-220VDC
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui)
690 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage
6/ 8kV
50/60 Hz
Rated Current
upto 5000A
Rated peak withstand current
upto 154 KA
Short time withstand
upto 80 kA for 1 sec
Abmient temperature
40Deg C/45Deg C/50Deg C
Pollution Degree: 3Degree of Protection
IP-427 IP-5x*
Form of Separation
Form 3b / 4b as per IEC 61439-2
Bus bar Material
Aluminum /Copper
Horizontal Bus bar Location
Infeed Entry
Infeed Termination
Cable / bus duct
> 20 mm
Creepage distances
> 20 mm
Overvoltage category
11/11 / IV
Surface treatment (Internal/External)
Powder coated
Damp heat cycling test
IEC 60068-2-30
Salt mist test
IEC 60068-2-11
Flame retardant, self-extinguishing, Halogen-free
IEC 60695-2-10, IEC 60695-2-11