Siemens SiePan Panels

PCC, IMCC, APFC solutions
SIEPAN 8PU is totally type tested (TTA) for its design reliability as per IS/IEC 61334 1&2

Siemens 8PU is designed to operate in challenging conditions of high ambient & dust. 8PU Low voltage switchboards have been patronized by various segments like cement, steel, refinery, oil & gas, pharma, F&B, data centres, hospitals & hotels, metro-rail projects for maximum reliability and performance.

Highlights :

  • Conformance to Type Tested assemblies (TTA)
  • Conformance to Seismic withstand upto Zone V
  • Conformance to Internal Arc Containment (IAC)
  • Fully compartmentalized, bolted & modular design for PCC & MCC
  • Non-compartmentalized drive control panels
  • Non-compartmentalized APFC panels

Customer benefits at a glance :

  • Siemens innovation & technology
  • Maximum reliability in protection of your plant and equipment
  • Maximum safety for operating personnel
  • Suited for the most arduous site conditions
  • Compact and space saving
Abb: Siepan 8u PanelAbb: Siepan 8u Panel
Abb: Siepan 8u Panel 02Abb: Siepan 8u Panel 02


Conformance to standards
IEC 61439
Internal Arc Containment
IEC 61641
Seismic withstand
IS 1893
Short circuit withstand (Icw) – main bus
65kA / 1sec / 143kA peak
Short circuit withstand (Icw) – neutral
9kA / 1sec / 82kA peak
Short circuit withstand (Icw) – earth
39kA / 1sec / 82kA peak
Degree of protection (IP)
IP 4x, 5x, x3, x4
Ambient temperature
40°C / 45°C / 50°C