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There are hazardous locations where the atmosphere may contain flammable gases, vapors, fine dust, or ignitable fibers, leading to the possibility of explosions and fires. Hazardous locations are created from the normal processing of volatile chemicals, gases, coal, grains, etc., or from the accidental failure of the storage system for these materials.

KEPL Flame Proof Duct Heater is used in hazardous area that contains explosive gases or dust as well as moisture and corrosion, for comfortable heating and freeze protection.

The Standard Built-in Control Package includes the following:

Flameproof/Explosion-proof Aluminum cast Enclosure complete with threaded cable entry earthing and epoxy painted.

Type of protection and Gas Group:

  • As per IS:2148/1981 & IP-55 as per IS:2147/1962. Enclosure suitable for Div.1 Gas group IIA & IIB as per IS:2148/1981 or Div 1, Class 1-D and Class 1-C As per NEC 70-1981 of USA or Class 1 and Class as per VDE 017. Area classification as Zone-1 and Zone-2
  • Industrial Grade Heating Elements, provide extra insulation between the coil and sheath for high-voltage protection.
  • The heater frame is constructed from heavy gauge galvanized steel with lifting lugs for ease of installation.
  • Every heater is equipped with multiple levels of safety. Automatic and manual reset thermal cutouts, airflow switch interlock. Two thermal cutouts limit the heat transfer fluid temperature, assuming thermal safety. The automatic reset and Manual reset operate the backup magnetic contractors. If either cutout opens, the entire heater is de-energized. An airflow interlock prevents the heater from being energized unless the fan starter is On.
Flame ProofFlame Proof
Flame Proof 02Flame Proof 02


Air Duct
Inside face dimensions exactly equal to the Duct dimensions
30mm as standard, deeper flanges are provided for larger Heater units
240V, 1Phase or 415V, 3Phase
Rated Frequency
50 Hz
Upto 90KW
Single skin / Double skin
AISI 304 stainless steel Tubular heaters
Fitted with Safety interlock
Suitable for Indoor installation with Ingress protection IP-42
De-energizing magnetic contactors / Thyristor control