Hot Water Generator

Nexgen Series

Standard Series


Flanged-type duct heaters are designed for installation inside ducts and have the same face dimensions as the duct. The standard mounting flange is 30mm, but deeper flanges are available for the larger heater. The maximum rating of these units is 120KW. There are two types of insulation available in these units, single-skin and double-skin. The heaters are fitted with a standard safety interlock. The enclosure has IP-42 ingress protection, making it suitable for indoor installations. The heaters are equipped with either de-energizing magnetic contactors or Thyristor control. There is also the option of a separate control panel with custom controls.

The units are available in different duct sizes, but they must meet the minimum and maximum duct sizes in terms of KW rating and CFM. According to the square footage of the heated area, heater ratings are limited to a maximum of KW.

Standard Built-In Control Package:

  • The heater Frame and Control Cabinet are made from galvanized steel sheets (GPSP). A stainless steel frame is available as an option. The control cabinet is powder-coated CRCA steel with louvers to ensure adequate ventilation of the control and heater terminal compartment.
  • Insulation – to minimize heat loss, the heater section is insulated with 50mm thick resin-bounded fiberglass/mineral wool of density 32kg/cm3 and cladded with a GPSP sheet.
  • Miniature circuit breaker / Disconnect switch with fuses
  • De-energizing contactors / Thyristor unit to operate heater in back and step-less operation.
  • Remote interlock to energize or de-energize the unit from remote or any field interlock
  • Pilot lights for functional indications such as ON Status, Trip status
  • BMS Compatible
  • Dry contact for start/stop command, on/off status indication, fault indications


Standard Safety Features

  • Primary Thermal cutouts (adjustable) – to protect against overheating
  • Secondary ThermostatKLIXON(register sign) Preset at 85.c flowing
  • Copper-coated earthing studs
  • Terminal blocks for Power and Control Wiring


Air Duct
Inside face dimensions exactly equal to the Duct dimensions
30mm as standard, deeper flanges are provided for larger Heater units
240V, 1Phase or 415V, 3Phase
Rated Frequency
50 Hz
Upto 90KW
Single skin / Double skin
AISI 304 stainless steel Tubular heaters
Fitted with Safety interlock
Suitable for Indoor installation with Ingress protection IP-42
De-energizing magnetic contactors / Thyristor control