Nexgen Series

Standard Series


Temperature control is the critical factor when it comes to any comfort, industrial or process heating application.

KEPL offers, top of the line, Electric Air Heater battery unit also called as Duct Heater or Heater Batteries that is capable to handle from a simple heating application to the most sophisticated custom designed comprehensive application. KEPL Electric Air Heater unit brings versatility to existing and new installations.

Our Air Heater Units are intrinsically safe coupled with Thyristor controllers / Eelectrome chanical controls as a part of standard package that makes it ideal for use in any application. The units can be manufactured with finned tubular or with w/o fins tubular elements in straight, U-bent or virtually in any shape. The heater unit can be equipped with intelligent controls that makes it easily interface with any BMS system.Ideally, a unit that is simple to install, commission and maintain.

Features :

Heating Element

  • Tubular heating elements is made of AISI 304 stainless steel tube of Ø8mm. It consists of helical coil of 80% Nickel 20% Chromium alloy resistance wire fusion welded to the nickel-coated steel terminal pin. The coil assembly is insulated with Grade “A” Magnesium Oxide powder (MgO) & compressed into a solid mass.These heaters are available without Ffins and without fins.
  • Finless tubular heaters are low watt density heaters ensuring extended life and uniform heating across the section. These heaters are best suited for hospitals, clean rooms, pharmaceuticals & food industry.
  • Finned tubular heaters with SS304 fins are available as optional.
  • Heating element in 1Phase ~240V to enable different connection options.
  • Crimped AISI 304 stainless steel connection nipples.

Heater Frame & Control Cabinet

  • Galvanized iron (GPSP) heater frames. Stainless-steel frames available as option.
  • Control cabinets in powder coated CRCA steel sheet with louvers to ensure adequate ventilation of the control and heater terminal compartment.


  • Single & double skin options are available. To minimize heat loss, heater section is insulated with 50mm thick resin bounded fiberglass/mineral wool of density 32Kg/cm3 and cladded with GI sheet.
Hot Water Generator FlangedHot Water Generator Flanged


Air Duct
Inside face dimensions exactly equal to the Duct dimensions
30mm as standard, deeper flanges are provided for larger Heater units
240V, 1Phase or 415V, 3Phase
Rated Frequency
50 Hz
Upto 90KW
Single skin / Double skin
AISI 304 stainless steel Tubular heaters
Fitted with Safety interlock
Suitable for Indoor installation with Ingress protection IP-42
De-energizing magnetic contactors / Thyristor control